How We Roll


We need each other.  

Our planet is on fire and we are “too busy” to inquire into, discover and address the root causes In fact, the crisis we are facing is predominantly due our ego-centric relationship to Nature and life. What we are missing is an honest and courageous look at our tendency “to do, to fix,” with little or no reflection on the results or consideration for the bigger picture. Hence, we continue to operate in our siloed bubbles, focusing on what’s in front of our faces, without considering the ways our efforts affect the fragile eco-system we are an integral part of. Our good and laudable intentions are blinded by our hubris, which prevents us from seeing and respecting the complex needs that must be simultaneously addressed to bring balance. No matter how brilliant and experienced we may be, and how wonderful our new initiatives are, the breadth and scale of the challenges facing us far surpasses our individual solutions.

This moment requires a radical and outrageous approach: a shift toward REAL cooperation, integrating our diverse experiences, talents and resources as never before.