Leap Forward

We Need to Leap Forward!

♥ Our survival and thrival depend on our ability to perceive reality as it really is. Humanity’s diverse global challenges have been caused by our brain adaptations not keeping up with the impact science and technology made on our environments.

♥ Just as the greatest minds in the world got together to solve problems associated with creating supergrains to feed billions of people, with exploring space and with combating crippling diseases, we must join with scientists, activists and concerned citizens from every discipline and corner of the globe to find a solution to this root cause.

♥ The Leap Forward Community is just that alliance of scientists, technologists, artists, media, and business people who recognize the significance of this underlying issue and are determined to address the root cause underlying every problem our modern society faces—our primitive and over active fear-based survival drives.

♥ The great thing about our brain is that it is pliable and flexible. Leap Forward is advocating for the creation of tools, holistic therapies and powerful educational experiences that can help tune our brains to the modern world. These tools do not yet exist or are at best in the most rudimentary of stages. The Leap Forward community is calling for experts from all disciplines to pool their efforts to tackle this most critical issue that underlies almost all of the challenges currently facing humanity.

♥ We need to resist the temptation to divide the world into the “haves and have nots”, “the developing and developed world, the “one percent and the ninety nine.” Anything that divides our efforts and pits one portion of the human species against itself is merely reproducing the problem! We must also resist the tendency to see each problem as separate and unrelated to us.

♥ Imagine a world where children learn a deep compassion for their fellow human as they learn Geometry. Where social status is measured by how much you give not take. Where the entire species walks in the shoes of the Gandhis and the Martin Luther Kings and don’t just hold them up as icons. We are all born with the same wiring, we can be tuned to peace instead of fear, to compassion instead of competition, but we need an unprecedented effort to create the tools we need!

We can’t heal the planet without healing its inhabitants first!

The Leap Forward Community is marshaling forces for a Manhattan Project of the human mind, an Apollo of the human spirit, and an end to the Apartheid of the human heart, and as a member of our species you are being called on to be part of the future of our planet!

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