Omar Abdelshife


Who am I? A question I’m not ready to answer. I know what I’ve accomplished. However that has only shaped the way I see myself within this world. I’m Libyan, American, male, a son, a husband, a college graduate, an employee, an athlete, an artist. All of which are used to define my being. So who am I without all of these labels? That is my purpose in life. To live and experience all this life has to offer to its fullest. So when I meet my maker, I’ll stand tall and knowingly say, ”This is who I am…”.

As a supervisor for the department of Mental Health in the foster care system, I have seen kids rise up out of some of the worst circumstances imaginable to find their light. My purpose in this life is to find my own light. To shine and share it with the people I love, humanity, and the world and planet in which we live. To find that light I have been searching the only place I know it will be, deep within myself.