Weibke Koch


My ability to see the whole system (and what’s missing) led me from consulting corporations/non-profits to coaching, training and facilitating change processes for impact ventures. I co-founded several social enterprises like the 1st food rescue organisation in Australia, the 1st Co-Working space in Germany or a foundation empowering Indian villagers to become agents of change by starting small businesses addressing their most dire problems.

Frustrated by the lack of integrity I encountered, I started paying attention when I myself uphold my values and principles with a warm and joyful heart, untethered from the reactive mind. On this journey, I learnt to truly appreciate the small but authentic acts of kindness over our craze for “scaling”, “growth” or other short-term goals at the expense of a whole-systems approach.

I love co-creating safe containers for authentic dialogue so that as individuals, organisations or communities we build a thriving society based on mutual respect for each other and all life on our planet. I am especially passionate about using visual tools to get to the heart of even complex matters quickly and with fun.