Leap Forward is a heart-led interdisciplinary group of ordinary people from around the globe on a mission to be the change we want to see in the world and reveal humanity’s extraordinary.

Eric Rassman
Ronit Herzfeld
David Hersey
Dazia Wallerson
Talia Arnow
Rafe Furst
Anna Cable
Wolfgang Lukas
Michael Kriegsman
Kenneth Shinozuka
Heba Gibani
Katty Lau
Sebastian Steinbach
Sebastian von Stauffenberg

We are aligned by Shared Values

Each value is in relation to how we show up for ourselves, our immediate, local and global communities

  • Humility: The soil/ground upon which we walk. I am a drop in the ocean of time, a piece of the vastness; I learn and align my actions with Nature’s rules that govern this vastness. I come from inquiry, listening, and discovery of what wants to emerge. I am humble with my expectations of what impact I/we may have (if any) on this world. “I did not design this planet; my responsibility is to discover how I can best serve the fabric of life and show up."
  • Caring: Caring for my own, each other’s and our planet’s overall wellbeing, which includes service, compassion, generosity, patience, kindness. We are all one – love made visible through action.
  • Conscious Communication: I commit to showing up with self-awareness; hearing and feeling the person I am with; communicate authentically, constructively with clarity, and care; keeping my eyes on the big picture.
  • Integrated Cooperation: Through caring and conscious communication, I choose to work with diverse group of people with the knowledge of the magic we can co-create when we work together. I appreciate that by cooperating with others, I will deepen my self-awareness; discover and respect each other's feelings, needs, talents, weaknesses, and gifts - our divine spark. Implicit within is the integration of our diversity: age, race, religion, socioeconomic levels, and differing views/perspectives/disciplines.
  • Co-evolution: Commitment to my own growth and the growth of whomever I am interacting with; revealing my own and each other's Divine creative impulse. An appreciation that the only way we can really re-pattern and grow is in the context of relationships and inter-dependence. Our growth depends on reflecting each other in our daily lives - we need each other. Whoever we are interacting with at any given moment is our Sangha.
  • Integrity: Integrity is wholeness. The way I do anything is the way I do everything. Commitment to live moment to moment aligned with integrity to all our values. Showing up with these values, consistently, leads to trusting ourselves and each other.