Why We Are

We believe humanity is in crisis. Economically, environmentally, politically and psychologically, our ship is sinking… yet we are focused on rearranging the metaphorical deck chairs. Historically, different tribes were on different ships, and some sank and some got repaired (often by laying siege to a neighboring tribe). But today, there is only one tribe, one ship, and we are all its captains.

The root causes of our predicament can be found in the way the human brain has evolved. As animals, we evolved emotional and psychological systems that cause us to respond to the slightest conflict or challenge to our self-image as a direct threat to our very survival. Even though we have the capacity for higher reasoning, we consistently get hijacked by survival based fear. Which means our capacity to act rationally and with compassion is greatly underdeveloped and underutilized. With the proper education, tools and practices, we are capable of becoming consistently more rational and compassionate. The findings of brain science research that support this view are overwhelmingly clear, yet we still have not prioritized the development of an educational system nor an effective tool set that can reduce our irrational fears and expand our loving kindness, our humanity.

We are further confounded by living in times where technology is accelerating much faster than our level of consciousness can responsibly manage. Ironically, in a time of so much connectivity we are feeling more isolated, walking around with our eyes fixed on our “smart” phones, headphones in, or glued to our computers. While this level of connectivity offers potential for positive change, our primal drives are being reinforced with unexpected vengeance. Many of us find ourselves living in tribal echo chambers that reinforce our fears of the “other” and mercilessly push us into reactivity and conformity. Is it any wonder so many of us are in pain, feeling lonely, disconnected and disempowered?

We are disconnected from Nature and our nature. We are social creatures. We need each other and we need to live in balance with Nature. Each of us has a unique gift and an extraordinary capacity for caring, cooperation, compassion and kindness. Yet our primal instincts and egos mostly keep us competitively working in silos, in conflict, and consuming at the detriment of our relationships to ourselves, each other and our planet. Tragically, the society we built rewards us for maintaining these behaviors.

We can evolve by choice, not chance! We believe we can change the world “out there” by investing in methods that radically shift our inner space: neurologically, emotionally and spiritually. Humanity needs to PAUSE, take a long honest look inward and see how our prevailing values and priorities maintain and perpetuate our divisiveness. We need to pursue an intentional upgrade in consciousness. Our current predicament challenges us to LEAP from our siloed competitive nature into our cooperative nature. Only then can we fully tap into the creative force of Nature and manifest our individual and collective genius.