Cultivating eco-systems to
evolve humanity from
ME to WE consciousness

We are building heart-centered pathways for cooperation
to care for each other and our planet.

Who we are

We are a 14-person community with diverse members from around the globe, on a mission to be the change we want to see in the world. Our members include Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, African American, Chinese, Hispanic, Caucasian, LBGTQ, Straight, Feminine, Masculine. We are scientists, business people, spiritualists, technologists, artists, impact investors, activists. We are people living paycheck-to-paycheck, millionaires, single, married, divorced, parents, grandparents, people in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. United by our faith in humanity’s capacity for caring, and our ability to innovate, we create safe and supportive spaces for deep connection that foster emergence of individual and collective genius. Through our practice, we discover that our superficial differences dissolve and we experience a powerful sense of trust, community, and a deep commitment to live connected, creative and cooperative lives that contribute to a thriving planet and a peaceful and just society. Our personal experiences together inspire us to trust that if we can come together, humanity can too.

Why we are

We believe humanity is in crisis. The root causes of our predicament can be found in the way the human brain has evolved. As animals, we evolved emotional and psychological systems that cause us to respond to the slightest conflict or challenge to our self-image as a direct threat to our very survival. Which means our capacity to act compassionately and cooperatively is greatly underdeveloped and underutilized. Furthermore, our societal values, reward systems and disconnection from Mother Nature exacerbate these issues. With the proper education, tools and practices, we are capable of shifting our values, becoming less fearful, more caring and cooperative. The findings of brain science research overwhelmingly support this view. Our intentions are two fold: Develop educational systems and impactful tools that reduce our irrational fears and expand our loving kindness — our humanity. We invite partners who resonate with this initiative to work together in service of a thriving planet.

How we roll

Our community has been conducting an outrageous experiment: Can we come together for the purpose of overcoming millions of years of evolution by re-patterning our brains? Drawing from cutting edge neuroscience and psychology and integrating philosophy and spirituality, we are practicing what it truly means to be caring, cooperative adults, even when our egos get bruised or one of us is falling apart emotionally, financially or otherwise. We have created a safe space where we are becoming more conscious of our feelings and behaviors every day as we take on highly challenging and meaningful projects together. We are applying our unique gifts to shape society’s future by living the future we envision here and now in alignment with our values. We are compelled to inspire our kin to step with us into this new vision for humanity and our planet.