We are a fifteen person community with diverse members from around the globe, sharing the challenges we face and the triumphs we experience as we continually choose to live a transparently authentic and interconnected life.

Our members are Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Black, Chinese, Hispanic, and White. We are scientists, business people, technologists, artists, impact investors, and activists. We are people living paycheck-to-paycheck, millionaires, single, married, divorced, parents, grandparents, people in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and seventies…

We came together united by our feelings of pain and loneliness arising from our disconnection from ourselves, families, communities and Nature.  In the process, we have discovered the grief we hold about our impending environmental, social, and economic collapse.

Our intention is to make visible the path we have been taking that led us to bridge our differences and united us around our interdependence and care for ourselves, our families, each other and our planet.
Over the past six years of rigorous collaborative inner-work, we have emerged a complex and ever-growing coherent ecosystem that cultivates and nurtures our self awareness and trust in each other.

In this space we are able to tap into our diverse resources and perspectives with a new level of cooperation, and integrate our experiences and knowledge to anticipate the needs of an unknown future. We began by creating nurturing spaces where we felt safe to expose and embrace our humanity, allowing us to share our deepest fears and greatest wishes.

We are now focusing on listening to what wants to emerge in response to our current global challenges.

We are growing and maturing together as we reap the rewards of co-creating and cooperating, choosing to live a self-directed life within an interdependent community. We have become resilient in the face of uncertainty and are beginning to trust our inherent ability to adapt to whatever comes our way.

Together and apart, we are experiencing the daily challenges and joys of being with life as it occurs, not as we wish it to be. As we lean into our interdependence, we touch the wonder, mystery and delight of creation while facing the darkness together.

If our vision and mission peaks your interest or inspires you in some way, this space will provide you with our step-by-step process, direct interventions and immersive initiatives.


Fritjof Capra speaks to The Heart of the Matter

The “Heart of the Matter” is the realization that our global problems are systemic problems — all interconnected and interdependent. Indeed, the shift from a fragmented, piecemeal approach to integrated, systemic solutions will be essential for the very survival of human civilization.