Cultivating eco-systems to
evolve humanity from
ME to WE consciousness

We are building heart-centered pathways for
cooperation to care for each other and our planet.

We are a 16-person community with diverse members from around the globe, on a mission to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our members include Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, African American, Chinese, Hispanic, and Caucasian. We are scientists, business people, spiritualists, technologists, artists, impact investors, activists. We are people living paycheck-to-paycheck, millionaires, single, married, divorced, parents, grandparents, people in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. United by our feelings of pain and grief arising from our sense of isolation and disconnection from ourselves, each other and our magnificent home – our planet – we create safe and supportive spaces for us to share our deepest fears and greatest wishes. Through our deep listening practice we help each other reveal our individual gifts and purpose,  while experiencing a powerful sense of community and trust. Together we are committed to live authentic, connected, creative, cooperative and meaningful lives. Inspired by a sense of wonder, respect and gratitude we are growing and sharing our love with conviction to contribute to a peaceful and just society and a thriving planet. Read more...

We are living in a state of fear and disconnection from ourselves, each other and our home - planet Earth.

We love our planet and all its inhabitants and want to contribute to its health and well being.  We recognize that we are at a juncture of our evolution where we need to show up with a whole new level of responsibility, accountability and caring toward ourselves, each other and our planet. We want to awaken to and embrace that we are an integral part of the complexity of the ecosystem and transcend the feeling of every person for him/herself. 
The main reason for our current predicament can be understood in the context of our evolution.  We are animals who possess emotional and psychological systems that cause us to respond to the slightest conflict, or challenge to our self-image as a direct threat to our very survival. Additionally, our societal values of competition, shortsighted reward systems and materialism perpetuate our conditioned sense of isolation.  We trust that with the proper education, tools and practices, we are capable of re-patterning our behaviors to become less fearful, more caring and cooperative. The findings of brain science research overwhelmingly support this view. Read more...

We can evolve a new level of relatedness and connection within ourselves, between each other and to our ecosystem.

We are rigorously practicing what it truly means to be interdependent, caring, cooperative adults. We have created safe spaces, where we listen deeply, discover and expose our individual and collective unconscious and conditioned stories that run our lives. We work one on one, with buddies and in groups focusing on highly challenging projects, supporting each other around the clock to unlearn our old and often disempowering stories, so we can reveal and connect to our empowered Higher Selves. Grounded in spirituality and integrity, our training process is drawn from the integration of neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology and philosophy. Our intention is to reveal the gifts and leadership within each of us and collectively, so that we can serve and help shape society’s future.

We invite our kin to come inquire, explore and discover this new level of relatedness and cooperation for yourselves. The future of humanity and our planet depends on each and every one of us.