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It’s time for us to do more than envision and talk about love and unity.

It’s time to take the necessary, painstaking actions toward actualizing a caring and loving global community.

Five years ago, a diverse group of individuals took a Leap and chose to commit ourselves to discovering and learning what prevents us humans from truly understanding and showing compassion and care for ourselves and each other.  In the process we exposed the wounds and irrational fears that keep us disconnected.  As we learned to feel and heal ourselves through seeing ourselves in each other, we began to reveal and share the extraordinary gifts we contain within and for each other.

Our commitment to confronting and transcending our fears together, required us to develop practices, tools and rituals that give us first-hand experiences of the peace and joy we can achieve when we become truly devoted and interconnected.

We are now ready to share our hearts’ and souls’ bounty with anyone who resonates with our mission.  Everything you learn and experience here has arisen from a pure labor of love.

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The Science of Awakening:
he Map of Being

Emotional Well-Being for
Kids and Their Parents

Tools and Practices for
Teams and Communities

Immersive Experiences:
Exploring our Inner World