Immersive Initiatives

Spiritual Cultivators

Our community was born from a deep sense of interconnectedness with each other, with our living planet, and with the entire cosmos. Our shared vision rests firmly in this deep appreciation and practice of living a spiritual life – transcending any cultural, spiritual or religious confines.

As our community members grew emotionally and psychologically, we sensed the need to cultivate this spiritual awareness together. Thus the “Spiritual Cultivators” POD emerged, with the intention to explore, discover, refine and embody our relationship with Spirit.

As Spiritual Cultivators, we integrate our diverse cultural, spiritual and religious backgrounds (Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, etc.), by drawing upon practices and insights from various wisdom traditions and cultures.

A prominent (on-going) lesson learned in this POD is to discern between our concepts of spirituality and our direct experience of spirituality. Our earliest work was to define “what is spirituality to me”. This exercise revealed that we related to spirituality primarily through our rational minds. Yet, once we were prodded to reflect and share about our experiences of spirituality, we recognized that we all spoke of feelings of expansion and connection with ourselves, “others”, and Nature. Since then, our intention has been to cultivate our awareness of these experiences in our day-to-day lives, and to design community events for us to experience our Oneness.

We meet once a week, grounding our connection with each other and Spirit.

Ronit guides us into noticing the ever-present interconnectedness already within and between us. When the time is right and our process aligns with the needs in our greater community, we transition into contributing by designing an event to share our practice with the whole community, engaging as many of our senses as possible. Deeply listening to our members’ individual and collective needs, we are choosing practices and themes that support our entire community at our present stages of development.

For instance, discerning our need for deep listening and for experiencing oneness together, we co-created the “Hour to Flower” – an hour-long session in which we experienced the power of simply being together in silence, honoring the trust, safety, and love that we’ve cultivated.

This event began with all of us on a zoom call, gazing at each other in complete silence, with no specific instruction, just compassionately holding space. Within this container, we were able to listen from the heart to ourselves and each other and connect very deeply. The session culminated with the emergence of spontaneous expressions of our emotions, heartfelt shares and song – experiencing our interconnectedness in a very intense and profound way.

We embrace our “spiritual cultivation” as an ongoing process of discovery and absorption of what is already present within and around us. As we together experience Spirit, we gradually dissolve the illusory walls that keep us separated and isolated, and reveal our glorious individual and collective connection to our Oneness.