Integrated Cooperation

Every time a natural or man-made disaster strikes, we humans show a remarkable ability to transcend our differences and cooperatively come together to help the victims. We don’t seem to be able to show up the same way in our daily lives. We relate to each other in ego-centered transactional modes, predominantly serving my brand, my religion, race, country, vying for control and domination. The global challenges we are now facing present a dire new type and scope of crisis, one that is gradually creeping on all of us in a way that belies the need for urgent response. Why don’t we show up together to combat them?

We are evolutionarily wired to react only to immediate crisis, not near-future crisis. As a result, we carry on in our daily lives with our self serving mentality while calamity awaits us around the corner. It’s time to discover a way to help us see and accept that these times are asking us to wake up, see this oncoming crisis for what it is and respond from our capacity to transcend our differences and cooperatively come together to deal with it. Only then will we discover our individual and collective genius to birth novel solutions and find new capacities for working together.

There is a growing global movement emerging where pockets of like hearted/spirited people are coming together to build values-aligned communities. Yet, most seem to get tripped up by the same habitual, deep rooted, ego-centered tendencies that stand in our way of truly coming together, because they are either not aware of these mechanisms or they don’t focus on addressing them. We don’t know how to share our resources, listen to and compassionately address strong opposing views and work through our unconscious fears and insecurities around “the other.”

We have developed a method for Integrated Cooperation that addresses these core challenges so that we can be the change we want to see in the world. We have designed a new framework of cooperation rooted in a knowing that together we are more abundant, resourceful and wise. It begins with a clear conviction to prioritize our vision to unite us around caring for our own, each other and our planet’s well being. We invite diverse, values-aligned people from all walks of life and disciplines to come together and commit to learning how to listen, inquire and discover new ways to relate to and work with each other. With humility and care we pool our resources (skills, time, money, networks, etc) and by taking on inspiring and challenging projects, we learn how to walk the talk in our moment to moment interactions with each other. The wisdom we gain from Integrated Cooperation is how authentic relationships and investing in the unique gifts each of us is born with stretches us to discover our infinite capacities and the genius we contain. Together we are birthing solutions to the apparently insurmountable challenges that are facing us, individually and collective.

Integrated Cooperation is a pathway to unconditional love and trust.