Integrated Cooperation – Old

Every time a natural or man-made disaster strikes, we humans show a remarkable ability to transcend our differences and cooperatively come together to help the victims. We don’t seem to be able to show up the same way in our daily lives. We relate to each other in ego-centered transactional modes, predominantly serving my brand, my religion, race, country; vying for control and domination. The global challenges we are now facing present a dire new type and scope of crisis, one that requires urgent response. Why are we not showing up together to address it?

We are evolutionarily wired to react only to immediate crisis, not near-future crisis. As a result, we carry on comfortably in our daily lives, habitually fulfilling our needs, mostly oblivious to the calamity awaiting us around the corner. We need to see how this wiring is preventing us from taking care of ourselves and our future. We then need to find ways to experience the pain right now that awaits us if we don’t radically shift and put our collective needs ahead of our self interest. Radical here means recognizing and, being willing to go into extreme discomfort — confronting and overcoming the challenges we face when working together.  

We don’t play well together. Really! We don’t play well with ourselves, our spouses, our children, our colleagues, and certainly not with people we don’t know. We don’t know how to share our resources, listen to and compassionately address strong opposing views and work through our unconscious fears and insecurities around “the other.”

There is a growing global trend emerging where pockets of like hearted/spirited people are coming together believing that they can build values-aligned communities, yet they do not recognize that we don’t know how to truly cooperate.  The only way that we will be able to contend with the global challenges we face is to confront and overcome these limitations. We must identify and evolve new capacities for integrating with each other.  

We have developed a map that brings us into Integrated Cooperation by addressing these core challenges. We invite diverse, values-aligned people from all walks of life and disciplines who recognize that this moment is asking for a new way of relating to and working with each other. We train them to apply the map in their individual and community lives. Together we discover and realize our individual and collective genius to birth novel solutions. 

Integrated Cooperation is a pathway to trust and unconditional love.