Immersive Initiative

Integrated Cooperation

We are all together… and each alone.

Cooperation means different things to different people. In business, it means forming a team or a company to accomplish a focused goal. In tribal societies, it means everyone taking care of each other in the same village, working together to gather food, care for children, and defend the village against threats from other tribes. In Western society it generally means exchanging services, knowledge, networks or other resources in ways that benefit all parties.

Wherever we look in nature, we see vast interdependent networks of life, each contributing its part to a diverse and vibrant web of interlocking ecosystems.

Whenever there is a gap, or a disruption, the system adapts and new life rushes in to re-establish balance. Resources are shared, exchanged and recycled throughout the global network and life thrives in astonishing diversity. This is the power of Integrated Cooperation.

Those of us who are world-centric need to begin to recognize each other as allies.

The world needs us to move beyond competition and transactional collaboration, to truly have each other’s backs. To integrate our wisdom, resources, experience and diverse perspectives freely so that we can become powerful enough to create a world where all of us can thrive in balance with each other and Nature.

At Leap Forward we create interdependent relationships between human beings so that we can emerge into Integrated Cooperation. We systematically break down the barriers that prevent us from receiving and contributing to each other:

The one-on-one process shows us we can connect to our feelings and our bodies, be vulnerable, raw, and that we are not alone in our fear and suffering.

The buddy system helps us constrain old patterns of isolation, increase our capacity for intimacy and stretch toward cooperation.

The PODs give us a context to discover and express our diverse gifts, trust, rub up against each other’s perspectives and expand each other to encompass an integrated truth.

Our Alchemy process is evolving a comprehensive model for fulfilling each other’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs — one where we can take care of each other while working together.

Once we shift the way we view the world, to feel that we are all in this together, everything looks different. When we experience that we are not alone, that we are much stronger together, our perceptions change and we begin to see what needs to radically change in the environment.

We ourselves are an emergence of nature that sees the need for humans to come together and evolve a new capacity to cooperate. We bring a rich diversity of resources, backgrounds, skills and experience, recognizing that the more diverse and cooperative our ecosystem is, the more we succeed in creating a flourishing environment for all. We are designing a radically different methodology for working and growing together, and as we overcome our innate neuro-psycho-social barriers to cooperation, a clearance is appearing in which we feel deeply connected, interdependent and recognize the value of each in the whole.

We call our first experiment in this new container of integrated cooperation Alchemy: a challenge to ourselves to pool resources of all kinds and Leap into the unknown with a simple vision — to co-evolve a new means of igniting transformation towards a caring, peaceful and healthy planet.

Like Nature, we are a work in progress. We are sensing our way forward and are leaving breadcrumbs on the path behind us, so that we can bring what we have learned about Integrated Cooperation to others who are pursuing cooperative community around the globe.

We are seeking new partners in Integrated Cooperation!

Our mission is to share our process, tools and experiences with those who want to work deeply together in the service of all, so that we can work together to coherently and comprehensively address our dire global issues.