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GPS 360 Toolkit

The GPS360 is a comprehensive and integral toolkit that supports Leap Forward members to “GPS” ourselves in any aspect or moment of life and connect to a corresponding tool or practice that supports our growth.

It is a step-by-step guide for conscious living, developed by Ronit over 35 years of “on the court” practice with her counseling clients, within social movements, and inside organizations.  The toolkit is now being refined by our community through practice and iteration. Tools were designed and developed to specifically address the various neurological, psychological, and social barriers to individual wholeness, interdependence, and cooperative relationships.

The GPS360 toolkit is relevant for all aspects of relationships – to ourselves, our family, and our communities.

It is a vast collection of educational materials, assessment tests, in the moment intervention tools, and prompts for reflection and inspiration. Whatever the issue, the toolkit helps us understand and transcend it.

For example, we developed an assessment tool to help identify our anger style (aggressive/passive-aggressive/passive) and its effects on our interactions and relationships.
No To Violence Against Women

Once identified, there are guides to help us understand the psychology behind the way we have learned to express anger, and step by step tools for intercepting and transforming our anger into more healthy, grounded communications.

No To Violence Against Women
The toolkit also includes poetry, salon modules, audio recordings, app designs and a variety of other resources indexed and organized by issue, level, and medium.

We are in the process of packaging these resources to share them with like-hearted communities.

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GPS 360 Toolkit

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