COVID-19 is impacting every human being on this planet as it exposes our fractured and obsolete political, economic, social, medical and environmental systems. The illusion that we are somehow separated by countries, religions, races, etc., can no longer hold if we are truly letting in what is happening to us and all around us. Each one of us is experiencing the upheaval and the daily turmoil arising from this pandemic.  Daily, we face the ultimate unknowns: when and how this will end; what will the world look like when it does? As we all sit in this space of uncertainty, many of us are facing the challenges of staying healthy while paying our bills, putting food on the table, taking care of our children, elderly parents and/or some personal or familial illness. These challenges and struggles can leave us feeling overwhelmed and isolated.  While each one of us is experiencing our own subjective challenges, some less than others, in many ways we all share similar concerns, and are feeling the fear, pain, grief and uncertainty about our lives and our world.

Sharing our daily challenges, struggles and coping mechanisms can show us that no matter where we are and what we do, we are not different from each other. bring us together at this time of uncertainty and isolation.  Each one of us is going through our own unique, yet universal human experience, since we are all part of the human family and as such are the same. Learning how people around the world are unable to deal with, or deal or with their daily lives, can reveal to us what’s needed and how we may be able to support each other.

What are the challenging conditions and situations that COVID-19 is bringing into our personal lives and collective lives?
  • Keeping our children stimulated and calm
  • Having no personal space
  • Feeling lonely
  • Going shopping spontaneously
  • Staying safe when outside
  • Not touching my face
  • Staying away from news/information about COVID-19
  • Reaching out to ask for help
What are we missing?
  • Hanging out with people we love, friends, colleagues, etc
  • Touching people
  • Going to restaurants
  • Going for a walk
  • Going for a walk without fear
  • Experiencing the fullness of Spring
  • Hearing children’s laughter from the schoolyard outside