Join us in protecting our children.  Become a Heed The Children Partner.

We appreciate you exploring partnering with us, trusting that the more of us that unite around this issue, the greater our overall impact.  

Leap Forward consists of a diverse global community who came together seven years ago because we realized that the vast challenges our world is facing requires collective efforts.  Our experiences in working together have validated our beliefs that when people from all walks of life unite around a common cause, share resources, and learn from and integrate each other’s work, our individual and collective impact exponentially strengthens and expands.

We believe this is the most critical issue currently facing our children and their future.  Given our sense of urgency and outrage over the harms our children are exposed to, we wish to explore ways we can come together to support one another.  We trust that together we will become an invincible force.  Our children deserve nothing less.

It’s time we heed the children together!

What would you like to contribute towards our collective empowerment?

  • Do you coordinate events that galvanize parents and/or youth around youth issues?
  • Would you like to host a student or parent media awareness group at your school?
  • Are you a youth leader looking to share your social technology personal experiences to a broader audience, or inspire other youth to take action?
  • Have you developed strategies and/or alternative technology that could help us replace harmful tech?
  • Are you advocating for policy and legal changes to protect our children?
  • Would you like to increase our collective awareness of the harms with your scientific research or other expertise?
  • Do you create nature, art, and/or play-based programming to amplify our children’s creativity and self-expression?


We invite you to share your gifts and co-create your own involvement with the HTC movement!

Fill out the form below and someone from the movement will reach out to you.