We are driven by our curiosity and love for living in the mystery of life. 

For the past several years our community has been conducting an outrageous experiment: despite our vast differences and geographical distance, can we come together for the purpose of overcoming millions of years of evolution by re-patterning our brains?

We systematically identify and address the major neurological, psychological and social forces that maintain status quo. We are learning, practicing and discovering how to become aware and shift our perspective from me- to we- consciousness. And guess what? It’s working!

We created a trusting space where we can be vulnerable with ourselves and each other, even when the shit gets real, our egos get bruised, when we fail, or disagree.

We found that the primary path to unlocking our adult cooperative potential is to boldly take on outrageous projects together, which trigger our competitive and fearful nature and stretch us to reveal unimagined strengths and unbridled creativity.

In a container of safety and unconditional care, we gradually remove the masks that give us places to hide.

We reflect to each other our blind spots so that we can truly address our unconscious behaviors. We show up vulnerably, committed to repattern the behaviors and egos that keep us locked in our divisive and siloed ways. Everyday we learn something about ourselves and each other that connects us more deeply.

We experience our fears, pain, anger and sense of injustice as signs that we are alive and growing!

We appreciate that we are here to discover and apply our unique gifts to shape the future of humanity by living our vision here and now.

Thus, moment to moment we hold ourselves and each other accountable to living by our values:

Humility, Caring, Conscious Communication, Integrated Cooperation, Co-Evolution, Integrity

Each of us experiences working together on our inner development and outrageous projects as the hardest challenges we have ever undertaken.

The rewards of expressing our gifts and deepening of our relationships with ourselves and loved ones have radically transformed our lives.

We don’t know where this uncharted path will take us or what it is going to look like tomorrow.

We do know that our consistent support, caring and integrity will continue to bring us solace and healing when feelings of fear, confusion, hurt, betrayal arise (as they inevitably do). We are imperfect, messy, and we don’t have all the answers. But our experience of personal and collective joy from living in this new way together compels our hearts to make our work visible, and wish to inspire our kin to LEAP with us into this new vision for humanity and our planet.

We are seeking like hearted people to help us evolve a kindhearted humanity. Only together can we become the change we want to see in the world.