David Hersey


I struggled for most of my life to “fit in”. As a child, I enjoyed ideas, felt life deeply, was full of energy but for some reason I seemed out of sync with children around me. When I grew older I learned to use my mind to adapt, cope and ultimately rise to the top of my profession as a technologist and Agile transformation coach. And, there was still something missing; I felt empty, sad, alone and confused.

At age 43, I discovered that I am on the Spectrum and everything clicked into place. As we started developing Leap Forward, my wife, Ronit, and I worked systematically to constrain and rewire the neurological and behavioral patterns that underly my Aspergers.

It has been a long and painful journey, and gradually I emerged into my whole self, growing more connected to my community, my partner and myself. My journey has shown me that I am not uniquely disturbed, and that the work I did can help others accept and connect to their full selves.
Now I can apply my systems-thinking and technology skills to envision and create new ways to connect us all more deeply to ourselves and each other so we can unite and thrive on this beautiful planet.