Direct Intervention

Women's POD

The Women’s POD was birthed from our desire as women to connect and empower each other to deepen our self-confidence, to allow us to move from the powerlessness of our little girls into the fullness of our strength and love as adult women.

Through deep care, vulnerability, and individual fear challenges, our intention as a POD is to serve as an incubator for holistically integrating masculine and feminine energies within each member. For some, we are cultivating more tenderness, compassion, and sensuality (feminine), while for others, we are fortifying our connection to agency, causal strength and core power (masculine). We playfully and joyously relate through our shared journeys as women of all colors and religions raised in our society, and harness our collective experiences to help each other evolve into our full self expressions.

Much of our growth in self-confidence as women emerged through stepping into outrageous individual fear challenges.

 Below are some examples of these fear challenges, our intentions behind wanting to overcome that fear story, and the unexpected result that emerged when we debunked that fear:

Fear Challenge: My long hair is part of my identity, it expresses my femininity. One of my greatest fears is to chop it all off. Who will I be without my long hair?

  • Intention: To challenge my own notion of femininity and discover that I am not my hair!
  • Outcome: I tapped into my causal masculine energy within; regularly asserting my opinions, jumping in and standing up for myself! A huge energetic shift in my access to my own power.

Fear Challenge: Spend an unreasonable, uncomfortable amount of money spontaneously and freely.

  • Intention: To challenge my story that money is the root of my safety, and thus can only be spent “practically”; to challenge my “not worthy” story that keeps me from using MY own money to invest playfully in MYSELF.
  • Outcome: I tapped into the joy and creativity that emerged when I allowed myself to adventure and take risks; I feel increased self-confidence in my own abilities to manifest abundance and opportunities, and ultimately stepped away from my job and stable paycheck (something I had been too scared to do for a year).
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Experience a Women's POD

Supporting Dazia ~ 10 Minutes

We support Dazia to connect to her core causal power and explore her fear of expressing her needs in a conversation with her work supervisor. Upon anchoring in our collective and individual power, we dance in the joy, playfulness, and humor of tapping into our femininity and creative juices, inventing a cheer for the Women’s POD.