Eda Ozmen


I’m in an ongoing journey of revealing who I am becoming, and continuously seek freedom in all that I do. I understand that to attain this requires being patient with myself, listening to what wants to emerge, learning and educating myself, making peace with the unknown, and most importantly investing my resources (internal & external) to my core values.

The one thing I do know is that I can’t do it alone. I’ve experienced and learned the power of being alongside a diverse community who shares / practices these things….

What I’m recognizing is that it’s a consistent practice of committing, discerning, and aligning my values to all my actions. I’m dedicated to showing up authentically in relationships and in the service of empowering myself, others and contributing to the well being of the planet.  I lead with curiosity, humility, compassion, integrity, creativity and courage.

I’m passionate about listening, understanding and facilitating what’s already there / working, and discovering innovative, holistic approaches necessary for young people to uniquely self-express, feel they belong, and ultimately thrive – and making those accessible through co-creating with value-aligned individuals.