Ronit Herzfeld


My vision is to forward humanity’s consciousness by intentionally accelerating the evolution of our brains, wisdom of our hearts and the creative power of our spirits.

I am a social worker specializing in psychiatric crisis and trauma, and a social activist devoted to alleviating human suffering by guiding people to live a conscious, open hearted life. From early childhood I have been driven by a deep need to understand the forces behind humanity’s capacity for both brilliant creativity and devastating destruction.

My lifelong inquiry into the workings of the human mind, heart and soul has taken me through psychiatric crisis and trauma, human rights activism, and corporate consultation. I have worked closely with the European Parliament and the Dalai Lama, and co-founded the Integral Institute, a think tank headed by the philosopher Ken Wilber.

In 2014, I began seeking partners on this journey and since then, I have co-evolved a community of diverse individuals who are deeply committed to authenticity, and to consciously transforming our relationships toward ourselves, each other and our planet. We are pooling together our innate talents and material resources in the service of forging a truly caring, trusting and interdependent community. Our members connect to and embrace our own and each other’s whole selves – our shadow and our light.

We are now co-creating technologies that integrate our lessons and experiences using the latest in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality to consciously evolve humanity and heal our planetary eco-system.